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Learn About Our Approach

Elevated Living implements a unique project delivery model which set us apart from our peers. The delivery model is built on the traditional foundations of the Master Builder and the modern practices of Project Management.

Elevated Living has both a modern and traditional focus to the successful delivery of our projects, we achieve this through the specialised management approach we take to all our Building Projects. In practice this management approach is clearly identifiable through the integration of key staff member’s at all critical stages of the construction process.

These three stages are easily identifiable as:

• Design and value management
• Project management
• Construction management

Meet our team

Design & Value Management

Marc Roland

Marc’s role is in the Design and Value management phase. This focuses on the development of a job-specific design to meet the clients brief in addition to the build-ability review and job costing analysis of the design in question.

Project Management

Chris Roland

Chris brings a Post Graduate education along with years of construction industry experience in both the Residential and Commercial sector.

Construction Management

Shaun Roland

Shaun is our Master Builder. Shaun works with our suppliers and subcontractors to consistently provide a quality product for our clients over and over again. Shaun’s skills have been developed over the years on site.

Project Management

Alex Roland

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Alex is the middle man between our clients and foreman on site. Regular progress, budgetary, and selections meetings with Alex ensures a smooth and efficient build.